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Aphrodite Fragranced Pebble Jar


Our fragranced pebble jars make a stylish, reusable and modern alternative to traditional potpourri.


Our handcrafted pourous pebbles have been infused with our bespoke Aphrodite home fragrance oil and stored within a classic retro style sweet jar. Simply open the lid of the jar to release their beautiful fragrance which will gradually fill the room. Then just replace the lid again when desired....think of the lid as like an manual 'on off switch' for the fragrance. 


Alternatively you can use our fragranced pebbles as an alternative to traditional potpourri by decanting some or all of the pebbles into your favourite decorative bowls to place around your home.


What do they smell like?

Aphrodite! Our best-selling fragrance, often fontly compared to the scent of a  fresh, crisp aftershave. A masterpiece that ticks every box without compromise, confidently led with sandalwood, jasmine and opoponax.


How do I refresh the fragrance?

Simply pour 2-3 capfuls of our concentrated Emotif Aphrodite top-up oil into the jar (or over the pebbles) when you wish to refresh the intensity of the fragrance. Gently agitate the pebbles to encourage even distribution of the oil. Repeat as and when required.


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Handmade in East Sussex

Aphrodite Pebble Jar

SKU: 2532

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