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The Anti-Snoring blend! Our 100ml Stress Stone Concentrated Refresher Oil.


Expertly blended by hand here in the heart of East Sussex using only the finest quality ingredients.


A blend of 9 natural essential oils selected specifically to combat the age old problem of snoring and deliver a restful, restorative night's sleep.


As well as alleviating this hugely debilitating situation this particular combination of oils is also excellent at helping to relieve and bring comfort to coughs and colds in the winter and hayfever in the summer and even soothe asthma sufferers. Simply open the stones whenever and wherever help is required.


Use this refresh oil to top-up the fragrance of our Aromatherapy Snore Stones.


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One 100ml bottle provides approximately 12 months of additional fragrance (use) for one jar of snore stones.


Essential Oils:


Eucalyptus - A powerful antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial oil. Decongestant, expectorant and muscle relaxant.


Clary Sage - Antibacterial and an excellent hypotensor that can help to lower blood pressure. Aids relaxation, especially of the nervous system.


Fennel - Great for calming respiratory conditions. Antibacterial, antifungal and helps reduce anxiety.


Thyme - Often used to combat respiratory infections, this lovely oil also has anti-inflammatory properties and cardioprotective capabilities.


Cedarwood - Sedative in nature, this will help to relax you and also soothes coughs.


Peppermint - An expectorant with astringent and anti-inflammatory effects that clarifies the respiratory system.


Lemongrass - Excellent for respiratory infections and a nervous system sedative


Lavender - Analgesic, antiviral, antiseptic, calming and balancing, also a hypotensive sedative.


Clove - Antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, also antifungal, this healing oil adds a nostalgic, comforting note to the overall blend.


  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% Natural
  • Hand blended in East Sussex

Snore Stones Concentrated Refresher Oil 100ml


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