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  • Clearing Out The Cupboards

    It’s that time of year again, folks. The nights are darker, and the weather colder. We all start to feel a little glum and blue. So why not Spring clean in Autumn? It's the perfect way to bring freshness and light to your home. Not sure where to start or aren’t even sure what jobs you need to do? We have collated a list of all the cleaning tasks you might have forgotten and simple ways to refresh each room. Let's Start with the Kitchen No matter what size your space, your kitchen will benefit from a clean. Cleaning your appliances thoroughly and organising your space will make cooking and preparing meals a more enjoyable experience. We’ve listed a few things you can do to refresh your kitchen this autumn. Clean walls, backsplash and cabinet doors. Cooking can get pretty messy. You should probably go and check out the cupboards around your food preparation area. They will be dirtier than you think. A thorough scrub of surfaces especially around your oven will have your space looking brighter in no time. Deep clean all your appliances. Not only does this help to ensure they run efficiently, but it also ensures the food you are so lovingly preparing is done so in an area that is clean and free from contamination. Your washing machine, dishwasher, oven, and dryer will all benefit from regular maintenance and upkeep. Scrub the details; the grout between tiles, fixtures and fittings, door handles and the outside of your fridge. Clean and organise your kitchen cupboards. It’s pretty normal for the inside of your kitchen cabinets to get disorganised. When you are taking things out and putting them back multiple times a day, it's easy for things to get a little cluttered. We recommend taking out your spices and tins and giving everything a thorough clean. Then you can reorganise things as you put them back; make sure to check through your use by dates too. Clean your bins. Yes, all your bins need a thorough scrub. This is where you store your waste after all, so they will need cleaning inside and out. Don’t forget to disinfect the area around your bins too. Into The Bathroom Your bathroom is the most visited room in your home, so naturally it's going to need a good scrub. But before you get started, make sure you are selecting cleaning products that are kind to you and your surfaces. You will be having a lot of skin contact with surfaces in your bathroom, so you want to make sure the products you are using are gentle on your skin. Below are a few jobs you might want to tick off this Autumnal cleaning season. Descale and polish your showerhead, taps and other fittings Limescale can build up quickly around areas with frequent moisture so it's important to make sure all your fixtures are scrubbed thoroughly. Scrub the shower, bathtub and grout around your tiles Wash your shower curtain If your shower curtain hasn't had a chance to dry properly after use, it can quickly get mouldy. It's often a forgotten bathroom fitting that needs cleaning. Take it down and stick it in the washing machine. If you're lucky enough to have a garden, hang it on the line to dry and your bathroom will smell of the fresh autumn air when you bring it back in. Clean inside your vanity or mirror if you have one If you brush your teeth as enthusiastically as us, your mirror probably needs to be cleaned regularly. We recommend using newspapers to get a good shine on your bathroom mirror. To finish off your bathroom and bring a little of the seaside to your toilet, why not add a CorinCraft Emotif Home Fragrance Diffuser. Our Sealily Fragranced Pebble Jar makes a beautiful statement with its burst of blue colours whilst also giving off the fresh and uplifting aromas of the ocean. And Then On To The Living Room Your living space needs to be an environment you can relax and replenish in but often spaces that have high traffic need a more thorough clean. The living room is aptly named as you do alot of your living in this space, especially over the past year. We’ve collated a list of some things you should add to your cleaning chores. Clean under sofa cushions and any hidden spots The nooks and crannies of your living room will need a little tlc, after so much extra use. Hoovering your sofa cushions and cleaning out underneath will definitely be needed. Extra snacking crumbs and probably wrappers are often hidden down the sides of your sofa cushions. Dust off shelves and everything up high. Decorative surfaces such as tabletops and windowsills often collect dust and dirt, so make sure to give everywhere a thorough wipe down. Hard to reach spots where you store home accessories often get missed; now is the perfect time to clean the details. Clean living room windows and dressings Curtains and blinds harbour tons of dust throughout the year. Make sure that sunlight can get in through your windows by ensuring they've had a thorough clean inside and out. High touch surfaces such as door handles and light switches will need a wipe down as they see regular traffic from people in your home. If you have a pet, your high traffic areas will probably include your skirting boards too. Your living space should feel revamped after you’ve taken care of some of these missed spots. Now, you can enjoy evenings of calm and rest knowing you’ve tackled another load of chores. Heading to Bed Your Bedroom should feel like a space for peace and tranquility, but practically it also ends up being a place that needs lots of storage. Let’s see what clutter we can tidy up upstairs. Clean your nightstand and top of dresser If you like your trinkets in the bedroom, you’ll need to make sure you give everything a good wipe. Reorganise what you need and what you don’t as you want to avoid too much clutter in your sleeping space. Clean under your bed and other furniture You’ll be surprised at how much dust lays under your bed. It’s a great time to pull everything out and give everything a thorough dust and wipe. Dust light fixtures While you are dusting, don’t forget your light fixtures. We often have multiple lamps in our bedrooms, they will all need to be dusted properly. Inside Your Cupboards With the seasons changing, many start tucking away their summer clothing and pulling back out some of their warmer wolly jumpers. If you're organising your wardrobes and drawers this Autumn, our Emotif Drawer Fresheners leave your clothes and linens smelling fresh for longer. In a range of fragrances, the possibilities for these heart and flower shaped fresheners are endless. If your shoes are particularly smelly or even where you are storing your shoes, our Emotif Stinky Feet absorb and eliminate bad odours, leaving your shoes smelling refreshed. Cleaning the tops of picture frames One spot that often gets missed in our house is the tops of our picture frames. With framed prints, photographs and paintings on our walls, we often don’t see the tops of our picture frames. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need cleaning. It’s a perfect spot for dust to collect, so make sure you give your frames a quick wipe down! And to finish off any room, our pyramid shaped Aromid Room Fresheners are a beautiful piece of artwork that give off one of our many Emotif Diffuser Oils. Just top up by pouring over a capful of your favourite fragrance for long lasting and gentle aromas. Our Aphrodite Aromid is a popular choice for your bedroom. Happy Cleaning, Folks! For more tips & tricks for home & living or to look at some of our home fragrances, check out our website.

  • Our Senses & Our Emotions

    There are many scientific studies that demonstrate the strong relationship our emotions share with our senses. Our five senses are being constantly utilised to assess and engage with our surroundings, so how can we best make use of this for our mood? Our emotional processing, learning, and interpretation of information can all be guided by our different sensory cortices; our hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell. So what does this have to do with the practice of mindfulness? The answer is simple; everything! You don’t have to be spiritual or practice Buddhism to adopt mindful techniques into your life. You just need to utilise the powerful tools your body already has at its disposal. How can we use mindfulness techniques to reconnect with ourselves? By reconnecting with our five senses, we can learn to consciously focus on the present moment. Mindfulness has the power to help you develop your self awareness, confidence, ability to manage stress and teach you to be kinder to yourself. It is also a common technique used to relieve symptoms of anxiety and reduce the risk of panic attacks. In moments of overwhelming stress; Try to name five things you can see, Then four things you can hear, Three things you can smell, Then two things you can touch, And one thing you can taste; Let us know how you feel afterward. Probably a little calmer. Not only are you distracting your brain from spiraling thoughts but you are also allowing yourself to engage with your current environment and the present moment. You are using those powerful tools your body has to help reconnect you with the present. This is just a small and very quick, effective example of how you can use your senses to be more mindful in your day. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn-out session of mindful practice to help you. Let’s help you to explore other ways you can make the most of your senses. Our Senses & Memory Our senses and emotions have a two way relationship, impacting one another in both directions. Emotions provide a boost to our sensory cortices and in turn, our senses pick up on our surroundings and connect that environment to our emotions. So why not make sure your senses are getting a fix from some good stuff; after all, it's feeding back into your emotions again. Just as scents of Lavender commonly have calming properties, so does chamomile. Which is why our Lavender & Chamomile Sleep Stones are a perfect gift to give yourself or someone else who needs a little self love. Smells of coffee connecting with morning is another way we have learned an association to an aroma. This is relative to the individual and the memories/feelings which vary for each person. For example, the taste of orange juice reminds me of being unwell as it's something I would always have when I was ill as a child. “Got to get your vitamin C,” Nanna would tell me. For you, orange juice might provoke memories of a holiday or summertime. This is why songs can provide an emotional response too; ever cried to the radio driving home because the song takes you back to another time and place? The memories of connected emotions can provoke the same response when we hear the song again. This kind of learned association can help us to interpret information through, for example, if the food looks gross or smells wrong, we choose not to eat it or assume we won't like it. So, what about smells we do like? Well, the food we like the smell of usually makes our stomachs rumble, doesn’t it? Managing Emotions with Natural Scents What we hear, see, smell, taste and touch can provide us with information on how we should feel. If you want to feel more motivated in your workspace, read our blog post on motivating your mind through your nose. In the other direction too, what we feel can heavily influence what our senses are taking in. You might miss some beautiful bird song on your walk to the shops because you're too wrapped up in your thoughts for the day, stressed and overwhelmed with your to-do list. But, by practicing mindful activities, you can begin to focus on the present. You don’t need to wait until you’re out and about to feel the benefits of focusing on the present either; our Stress Stones are a wonderful way for you to take five and reconnect with yourself. Just open up the jar, breathe in the aromas of our 11 organic essential oils and feel yourself begin to calm. Let the worries and stresses melt away. Mindfulness is allowing yourself to engage with how you are feeling without judgment and accepting the present moment. A study by Weber and Heuberger (2008) found that smelling real plants over artificial aromas demonstrated an improvement in mood, calmness and alertness. When smells are natural, they can have a positive impact on our overall emotional functioning. We love natural scents at CorinCraft and that's why all our ingredients are from organic sources. In fact, we don’t use anything but certified organic plant matter to create our Love Organic Range of fragrances. We can’t always be in the outdoors, indulging our senses in the sights, sounds and scents of nature. But we can bring it inside with us and find ways to carry those beautiful scents around. Our Jasmine and Sandalwood fragrance provides a natural scent which has so many benefits for your overall functioning. Awakening those sensory cortices, jasmine and sandalwood both have calming properties as well as benefits such as increasing feelings of overall wellbeing and productivity levels. Are you looking at ways to bring the outside in instead? Our Emotif Home Fragrance Range provides beautiful pieces of art for your home that also have aromatherapy benefits, something for your nose and your eyes. Choose from our extensive range of concentrated essential oils, including our new additions; Lemongrass Concentrated Diffuser Oil Lemongrass is an antiviral, antibacterial, anti-everything. A perfect addition to your home that will boost productivity, enhance mood and even relieve headaches. Peppermint Concentrated Diffuser Oil This versatile essential oil not only clears sinus’s, relieves aches and pains, treats cold and coughs but also boosts mental capacity, energises us, and enhances our mood. Aromatherapy is just one of many ways we can give ourselves a little self love and celebrate the relationship our emotions have with our five senses. And for those especially challenging times, we must use all the tools at our disposal. We hope our tips and tricks for being mindful helps you manage any stressors or worries you are having at the moment. For more advice on utilising your senses in your life, check out posts on our blog.

  • Create a Motivating Workspace with Your Senses

    Motivating your mind through your nose Links between our senses and emotions are constantly being tested and evaluated for more information. What we do know is the dynamic relationship our nose has with influencing our mood, so how can we make best use of this to motivate ourselves? Many of us have been working from home now for over a year. It started off well, we all had the best intentions; up early, breakfast, and dressed and organised for the day well before our first meeting. But as lockdown continued and the chances of getting back into the office and around our colleagues again grew further away, many of us have struggled to keep the motivation up. So how can we make our environment a more positive workspace and encourage us to find that drive we had at the beginning of this pandemic? And if you are heading back to the office, what can you take with you to increase your productivity? We’ve discussed scents to soothe and calm you at the end of the day, but what about when we wake up? The best medicine to wake up feeling refreshed is a good night’s sleep but you can use scents to help you feel more alert and give you better focus in the morning. If you’re struggling to get some rest, read our blog post on Soothing Scents For A Sleepless Soul. Aromas that have an influential relationship with motivation and drive include coffee (unsurprisingly), citrus fruits, peppermint, rosemary and many more. We've listed a few below and how you could incorporate them into your work day and space. Coffee Not a big surprise, even the smell of coffee can act as a stimulant. Waking up early and brewing yourself a strong coffee is a sure way to kick start the day. If you're not a coffee drinker, you will still benefit from the aromas! Citrus Fruits Whilst orange and lemon can also be used for their soothing properties, citrus based essential oils enable creativity and increase our levels of alertness and improve our mood. Our Zesty Citrus Room Diffuser makes a welcome addition to any workspace. Peppermint Studies have shown peppermint to increase alertness, reduce fatigue, improve levels of motivation, self confidence and even enhance physical stamina and performance. Rosemary Rosemary is a natural stimulant for the brain which encourages alertness and improves cognitive performance. Fresh and dried rosemary in the home works wonders to boost your day to day performance, as well as enhance our mood, self confidence and overall feeling of wellbeing. Sage Different varieties of Sage have shown to enhance our mental capacity and performance, including alertness and reaction time. Not just for use in the kitchen, sage can be used to cleanse your living space and in essential oils blends to boost your productivity. Blended Oils Blended Oils, such as our organic blend of 14 aromatherapy oils that are used in our Smart Stones, has evidenced an increase in focus and attention. Our beautiful Aromid home fragrance diffusers provide something for the eyes as well as the nose. These stunning statement pieces are sure to brighten up the dullest of home work spaces and you can make the most of our wide range of essential oils to improve your creativity and get those tasks done before the weekend arrives again. And, if your work day is particularly stressful, we recommend taking ten minutes of calm with our Stress Stones. With a blend of eleven different aromatherapy oils, including Sage, Peppermint and Lemon, just a few moments to inhale the aromas will help you to reset and take on the rest of your day with a calm and confident approach. For a better peak at our statement piece diffusers and room fresheners, visit our website.

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    NEW Quick View Sensual Stones Price £16.00 Add to Cart NEW Quick View Snore Stones Price £16.00 Add to Cart Quick View Lavender & Chamomile Sleep Stones Price £16.00 Add to Cart Quick View Kids Sleep Stones Price £18.00 Add to Cart Quick View Spa Stones Price £16.00 Add to Cart Quick View Stress Stones Price £16.00 Add to Cart Quick View Happy Stones Price £16.00 Add to Cart Quick View Smart Stones Price £16.00 Add to Cart Aromatherapy Stone Gift Sets Our beloved aromatherapy stones accompanied by a jar of matching top-up oil neatly packaged in a stylish white gift box Quick View Sleep Stone Gift Set - Lavender & Chamomile Price £30.00 Add to Cart Quick View Kids Sleep Stones Gift Set Price £32.00 Add to Cart Quick View Spa Stones Gift Set Price £30.00 Add to Cart Quick View Stress Stones Gift Set Price £30.00 Add to Cart Quick View Happy Stones Gift Set Price £30.00 Add to Cart Quick View Smart Stones Gift Set Price £30.00 Add to Cart REFRESHER Oils Handblended by us in the heart of East Sussex using only the finest quality essential oils. Each 100ml bottle will provide you with approximately a further three months of use from your aromatherapy stones. NEW Quick View Sensual Stone Refresher Oil Price £14.00 Add to Cart NEW Quick View Snore Stones Concentrated Refresher Oil 100ml Price £14.00 Add to Cart Quick View Sleep Stones Refresher Oil 100ml Price £14.00 Add to Cart Quick View Spa Stones Refresher Oil 100ml Price £14.00 Add to Cart Quick View Stress Stones Refresher Oil 100ml Price £14.00 Add to Cart Quick View Happy Stones Refresher Oil 100ml Price £14.00 Add to Cart Quick View Smart Stones Refresher Oil 100ml Price £14.00 Add to Cart Aromatherapy Stones 100% NATURAL | VEGAN-FRIENDLY | CRUELTY-FREE Natural volcanic rock infused for many days in the very best essential oils. Each blend has been specifically designed to help reduce one of life's many stresses. Simply remove the lid any allow power of aromatherapy to work its magic!

  • Manufacturer Of Fine Fragrances | CorinCraft | Arlington

    CORINCRAFT'S CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - BUSINESS AS USUAL FINE FRAGRANCE FOR YOU & YOUR HOME Handmade in Sussex SLEEP STONES Give the gift of a better night's sleep this with Corincraft's lavender & chamomile aromatherapy Sleep Stones! ​ An experience for the senses, our Sleep Stones harness the power of nature to give you the sweetest of dreams; volcanic rock from Mount Etna is responsibly collected & infused for many days in the very best organic oils of lavender & chamomile, both so well-known for their therapeutic and healing qualities. Shop Sleep Stones SHOE & SPORTS BAG FRESHENERS Stinky feet? Whiffy trainers? Smelly sock drawer? Gruesome gym bag? Stinky feet are the answer! The best little gift that money can buy, stylish handmade plaster of Paris trainers that can be placed anywhere that's whiffy to neutralise bad odours and revitalise your footwear in minutes! Shop Stinky Feet HOME FRAGRANCE Launched at The Spring Fair in 2017 this stylish & sophisticated collection of bespoke home fragrances has won universal acclaim. A range of divinely fragranced objects d’art in an exquisite choice of specially blended fragrances. A triumph of pared-down elegance, the emotif collection will be a welcome addition to your life. Shop Home Fragrance ORGANIC PERFUME The ultimate perfume edit. A scintillating collection of stunningly presented fragrances in eau de parfum concentration. Made from 100% certified organic ingredients....f inally, organic has become glamorous! Shop Organic Perfumes HIS & HER'S FRAGRANCE An enchanting collection of fragrances for him & her. Enriched with natural ingredients & enticing fragrances, in both cologne & Eau de parfum concentration, their lingering scents will keep you feeling fresh & fragrant all day long. Shop Perfume & Aftershave REVIEWS Shop with confidence, see what our customers say about us Upcoming Events Fri, 21 Apr Firle Place The Garden Show at Firle Place The Garden Show at Firle Place is an annual springtime event set in the beautiful surroundings of Firle Estate, in the heart of the South Downs National Park. Find out more

  • Events Calendar | Corincraft

    EVENTS Fri, 21 Apr Firle Place The Garden Show at Firle Place The Garden Show at Firle Place is an annual springtime event set in the beautiful surroundings of Firle Estate, in the heart of the South Downs National Park. Find out more

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