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Launched at The Spring Fair in 2017 this stylish and sophisticated collection of bespoke home fragrances  has won universal acclaim.


The range of divinely fragranced objects d’art comes in an exquisite choice of specially blended fragrances

A triumph of pared down elegance the emotif collection will be a welcome addition to your life.


Room Diffusers

Fragrance your home & your life with our bespoke collection of diffusers, aromids & pebble jars that will fragrance your surroundings for an unexpectedly long time.


Concentrated Oils

concentrated diffuser oils to top up the fragrance of all our emotif products


Fragrant Fresheners

The modern-day drawer freshener! Mini heart/flower-shaped fragrant fresheners that are great in the car, cupboards, inside handbags, or clothes drawers. The possibilities are endless. 


Aromatherapy Stones

natural volcanic rock infused with essential oils designed to reduce the different stresses of daily life


Tea Light Holders

Scented tea light holders two different ways

stinky feet with box fresh aphrodite and

Stinky Feet

Place anywhere that’s whiffy to neutralise bad odours and revitalise your footwear in minutes. The answer to stinky feet,, whiffy trainers, smelly sock drawers &  gruesome gym bags!

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