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Who Said Drawer Fresheners Were A Thing Of The Past?

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

When we say 'drawer fresheners' most people think of the little bag of potpourri their Grandma used to have in her underwear draw that would leave everything smelling, well a little bit musty!

Drawer fresheners aren't as common these days as they used to be, mainly because those that are on the market don't really last very long, and also because washing powders and fabric softeners tend to be fragranced now. Everyone knows you can't beat the smell of fresh washing. But that's exactly what it is, fresh washing! When you rely on fragranced washing powder or fabric softener, it only tends to smell amazing as soon as it comes out the washing machine, then the strength of the smell it's all downhill from there. Once a jumper has been in a draw for a few weeks or you get your summer clothes out for the first time since last year, it's very unlikely they will still smell freshly washed or fragrant.

So what's the solution? How can you have great smelling clothes 24/7 all year round no matter when they were washed? We have the answer. Say hello to our Fragranced Fresheners, the modern take on drawer fresheners.

Made from high-grade plaster of pairs, our fresheners come in packs of 6 little hearts or flowers that can fit in the palm of your hand. Each heart/flower has been steeped in natural essential oils that are then absorbed deep within its complex molecular structure. Over time, using natural capillary action, the fragrance will gradually and steadily be released into the atmosphere, filling its surroundings with a constant aroma and gently fragrancing your clothes.

Our Fragranced Fresheners continue to release their gorgeous scent for at least 6 months (some of our customers have reported using them for over a year and they're still going strong!), and when the time comes that you think the fragrance needs topping up, simply pour a few drops of our concentrated refill oil onto the surface, wait a few moments for it to absorbed and you're all set for another 3-6 months of fragrance! You can continue to revitalise your fragranced fresheners over and over again which is great news for the environment and your purse!

Emotif Sea Lily fragrant fresheners and concentrated essential refill oil

But why stop at just using them in clothes drawers?! They can be used to fragrance anywhere! Our customers aren't afraid to get creative with where they place their fragranced fresheners. Here are some of our favourites.... at the bottom of the wardrobe, in the airing cupboard, in the car as an air freshener, in the shoe cupboard (or even inside a really stinky pair of trainers!), in a desk drawer at work, at the bottom of a handbag (every time you get your purse out you're met with a wonderful smell!), on the hall table, behind the toilet, in a teenager's PE bag, in the room where the smelly dog food is kept, in waiting rooms....the possibilities are endless!

Our fragranced fresheners come in 2 different shapes and 10 different scents, each with their own unique colour, so there's a smell and look suitable for anywhere in your home...

- Sea Lily (marbled blue & white)

- Red Berry Fruits (marbled red/pink & white)

- Aphrodite (marbled black/grey & white)

- Fresh Linen (plain white)

- Zesty Citrus (marbled orange & white)

- Black Iris (marbled purple)

- Soft lavender (light lilac)

- Perfect Rose (dusty pink)

- Sweet Pea (pale yellow)

- Floral Ensemble (white)

If you LOVE the smell of good old fashioned washing powder then our 'fresh linen fragranced fresheners' are for you! A lot of people get nostalgic saying it smells exactly like washing day at home when mum used the twin tub back in the day!

Click here to shop our range of Fragranced Fresheners

Perfect Rose fragrant fresheners

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