Emotif Home Fragrance Bundle

An exciting bundle of Emotif Home Fragrance products...


What's Included

  • 1 set of 6 Fragrant Fresheners
  • 1 Room Diffuser
  • 1 Fragrant Pebble Jar
  • 1 Set of Scented Tea Light Holders (round shape or yin & yang)
  • 1 Bottle of Refresher oil (100ml)


Fragrant Fresheners

Our fragranced hearts can be placed anywhere you want a beautiful smell to be gradually released! Like mini room diffusers, our fragrant fresheners can be placed almost anywhere...in the car as an air freshener; in a shoe cupboard to mask odors, or in your clothes draw to keep your clothes smelling fresh!


Room Diffusers

The stunning objet d'art heart-shaped room diffusers use natural capillary action to slowly draw the home fragrance oil from the stylish glass vessel into its complex molecular structure and will bring you months of fragrant delight. After a few weeks, the fragrance oil will be completely absorbed within the heart and will continue to release a beautiful aroma in your home. Refresh & replenish with our Emotif concentrated diffuser oil.


Fragrant Pebble Jars

Soaked in our natural concentrated oils, our fragrant pebble jars are a great alternative for those who don't want a fragrance being released in their home all the time. Simply by removing or replacing the lid you can turn their scent on and off as well as preserve their longevity. They come in a variety of scents and colours to suit any home.


Scented Tea Light Holders

Unlike your average tea lights where the candle is scented, our tea light holders fragrance a room even when a candle is not lit. Plus you can revitalise their aroma whenever you want, with our emotif concentrated diffuser oil. Our scented tea light holders come in two different shapes; Yin & Yang or a pack of 6 individual round holders as well as different fragrances and colours.


Refresher Oils

Our 100ml bottles of concentrated oils can be used to refresh the fragrance of all our products simply by pouring 1-2 capfuls over your stones, pebbles, diffuser, tea light holder etc


Fragrance Options

The following 6 fragrances are available in heart-shaped fragrant fresheners, heart-shaped room diffusers, and refresher oil

  • Fresh Linen (white)

  • Aphrodite (grey & white marble))

  • Black Iris (lilac & white marble)

  • Zesty Citrus (orange & white marble)

  • Red Berry Fruits (pink & white marble)

  • Sea Lily (blue & white marble)


The following 3 fragrances are available in pebble jars, Yin & Yang tea light holders & circular tea light holders:

  • Aphrodite (grey & white marble)
  • Sea Lily (blue & white marble)
  • Black Iris (purple & white)

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